Michael Pidde => { Programmer(); }

Boreal Darkness

This is a 2D adventure game written in C++ and SDL2. The idea has been to build a game from the ground up to learn more about how to structure large codebases and how all of the pieces should interact in a clean, sensible manner. I did not want to use a prebuilt engine or framework because I want to know what all of the intricacies of video game programming entail.

The objectives have remained fairly simple at this point so I can aim toward a complete game. Making it more rounded can come after having a solid baseline to work with. The requirements right now are as follows:

  • Skeleton enemies that can deal damage to the player.
  • Random generation of maps.
  • Skeleton battle screen.
  • A player sprite centered in the game window.
  • Player sprite movement animations.
  • Player sprite axe chop animations.
  • Player can chop trees to get random number of wood pieces between 3 and 7.
  • Trees that have health and change appearance when health is lost.
  • Player can place a fire when they've acquired 50 wood pieces.
  • A fire will regenerate player health for a limited time duration.
  • Clean map scrolling when player moves.
  • Player dies when out of health and game ends.
  • Title screen and story screen.
  • Endgame screen.