Michael Pidde


This is an adventure RPG game programmed in C, Lua, and SDL. It's currently in very early development, but downloads of progress will be listed as I feel like it. The code is not and probably will not become public. Below is a series of To-Do lists so I can keep track of what needs doing. Completed items are moved down to the bottom of the lists.

Short Term

  • Game timer
  • Sprite animation
  • Sprite movement with linear interpolation
  • Connecting map files via "doors"
  • Map file loading and parsing of Lua
  • Collision detection
  • Pause key
  • An "asset_pipeline" module to centralize loading of sprite sheets and store them in an array so they can be destroyed easily at cleanup time

Long Term

  • Player inventory and health
  • NPC movement paths, inventory, and health
  • Game script, NPC scripts
  • Save state
  • Sound effects
  • Flip map textures


Note: Things may not work totally correctly on Windows. Primary development has focused on Linux.

09/27/2018 - v0.05: Linux

06/18/2018 - v0.02: Linux

06/10/2018 - v0.01: Linux | Windows