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AesPad Backups

I created a backup utility for AesPad relying on the standalone Putty SCP client (pscp.exe). I noted a few things while working on this little project:

  • SSH support in Windows sucked before Windows 10, which is very recent.
  • Likewise, SSH support in C# still sucks, looking at the available libraries and their most recent update dates.
  • Event if you have SSH (and thus SCP) enabled, that doesn't necessarily mean that a cmd window opened by System.Diagnostics.Process will be able to find the scp command.
  • You can probably fix the above by hitting C:\Windows\System32\OpenSSH\scp.exe directly, but...
  • I don't care to add the ssh public key to the authorized_key store on my server (how lazy am I? I don't know).
  • Unrelated to SSH, WPF has some problems around lack of native dialogs (a folder browser dialog in this case) and rendering quirks (the close button on a ToolWindow in this case, along with a few obscure others).

That said, I cobbled together a working tool. So here's the next version: