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Ambiance and Arguments

Minor game additions since the last update include an ambiant, ominous background track as well as a fire crackle sound when you place a fire. I've uploaded a new video to capture this:


I've also built in some ultra basic command line argument parsing. I'm admittedly underwhelmed by the state of argv parsing in C++ and would have thought that they'd have a better way to handle such a basic concept by this day and age, but it seems like you 1) reinvent the wheel for yourself, 2) use a third party implementation of getopt.h for Windows, or 3) use Boost. I imagine that option 3 is the most user-friendly, so obviously I went with option 1 instead... Whatever the case, I've added a message at the start of the game that'll output to the console and tell you all of the command line arguments (currently only one) that you don't care about anyway but are useful to me since I may never program a proper UI menu into this particular game.

Code Stats

Language                     files          blank        comment           code
C++                             17            249             58           1347
C/C++ Header                    23            112             13            799
PHP                              1              2              1            107
Lua                              1              0              0             42
DOS Batch                        3              9              0             36
make                             1              0              0              5
SUM:                            46            372             72           2336