Boreal Actors

I've started implementing non-playable characters. Deciding how to structure the data and functionality has been a roundabout process so far. I'm aware that broader scale games would implement a scripting language for the purposes of deciding what actor goes where, what they can say, how you can interact with them, and so forth, but I have little desire right now to screw around more with Lua. I really find the integration to be abysmal at best. Granted, lots of things in C/C++ feel archaic when you're coming at them from a higher level language, but from my admittedly limited experiences with Lua + C/C++, you have to do an incredible amount of heavy lifting in the compiled language to interact at all with the scripting language. It feels nearly nonsensical to bother with scripting at that point, so for the time being I'm going to write the actor logic in C++. It probably will not become overbearing for this project due to the current constraints. If I feel compelled later on to build better scripting into my homebrew "engine" then I can do so.

Anyhow, I have an initial actor drawing to the screen now. I need to draw more animation frames, but that initial skeleton will face toward the player in a "come talk to me" manner. This actor will kick off the events of the game once you complete his little quest.

Looking into the future, I'm close to the point of needing a map editor again. I'll probably try to leverage the Javascript one that I had previously built, though I can probably slim it down and make a few modifications to suit the map concept for this game. Now that movement has been fixed I don't need to constrict my maps to a particular size, so I need my editor to be able to accommodate adding rows and columns to the map as desired.

Code Stats

Language                     files          blank        comment           code
C++                             14            168             64           1187
C/C++ Header                    24             98             15            726
JSON                             1              0              0             59
Lua                              1              0              0             42
DOS Batch                        2              3              0             25
SUM:                            42            269             79           2039