Hydroponics - Week 2

It's a few days past the end of the second week on my hydroponic setup. I recently purchased two 4' DuraLux grow lights on Amazon which were still shipping on a timely manner with Amazon Prime in these interesting times. They're 7" wide and harbor two 6500K full spectrum bulbs. I also picked up a pack of General Hydroponics Flora Grow, Bloom, and Micro nutrients to try since my first batch of lettuce is in a liquid plant food formulated for soil, not specifically hydroponics. I'll start using those nutrients when I start putting the rest of the vegetables in jars.

Since we have some leftover lumber from the shed build last fall, I decided to put some of it to good use and built a grow shelf today. I ripped some 10' 2x4s in half and cut them to 5' for the legs, 4' for the front and back faces, and 1' or so for the side faces. The shelving itself is 1/4" plywood leftover from the wall sheathing. I built stationary top and middle shelves so I can hang the lights from them and adjust the height as the plants grow. It may turn out that I have enough space to add more shelves in the future, but time will tell. Here's the final result with some mylar wrapped around it:

As for the plants themselves, here's what the best looking lettuce looks like (this is day 16, for reference):

The broccoli is coming in alright, though the browning around the edges of the leaves worries me. I'm not sure if conditions are incorrect for it, but I'm keeping an eye on it.

As for the onions, I decided to put the two large seedlings into their final home jars tonight. I'm using the new General Hydroponics nutrients with their "general purpose" ratio, so hopefully that does them some justice and they start looking strong and full.

I started some basil and mesclun seeds in rockwool tonight. Instead of using pure water I decided to use the GH nutrients in their seedling ratio. Most of my seeds thusfar have germinated with plain water, but I think that some nutrients at this stage will yield some good results. Mesclun may not be the best choice for the Kratky method, but I just dumped two kinds of seeds in each rockwool block, so we'll see what comes up. As for the suger snap peas that I started not long ago, I have yet to see anything from those. Unfortunately I don't recall what day I started them, nor do I recall offhand how many days I can expect to wait to see any sign of them. With any luck, they'll come through for me.