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Recording Gamedev

A recent gamedev forum post listed a handful of reasons why you should start recording your gamedev sessions. At first I brushed off the idea completely - I'm not Casey Muratori, Yan Chernikov, or any of the many other brilliant game programmers out there. I only consider myself middle-tier in programming anyway (though maybe I have a lower opinion of myself than I should), so what do I have to offer the world in regards to game programming which, arguably, can be very complex? The answer is probably "nothing," but I've found the rewards to myself to pay off once I started the recording process, anyway. I don't know what pushed me over the edge to try it in the first place; I don't think it's narcissism, as I don't really like hearing myself talk, but it still does feel good to have a running history of the progress that I made that's more raw than version control history or blog posts.

I'll continue the experiment as long as I feel like it. I don't necessarily care if anyone watches my videos at all because I would save them on an external backup drive for my own edification, but if anyone who is newer to programming or gamedev can glean something from my screwing around in code, then all the better. That's the only reason that I'm making my videos public on Youtube at this point.

As of right now I have 10 videos public and 3 more waiting to publish over the next 3 days. So, here's the first in the series, and you can find more (or not) as you wish.