Sunday Reminder

As sometimes happens, life has taken over for the last couple months and I've been drained of some of my usual vigor that would otherwise have been directed at programming projects. This tends to happen more in the summer anyhow, but the current bout of separation from my projects was due to a few other factors including moving out of my home state, getting married, and finding a house out of the state that's acting as a stepping stone. There has been a lot of adjustment and much of my focus has understandably been elsewhere.

On the up-and-up, we've been playing Stardew Valley quite a bit lately. If you're into gaming much you may like it, and if you're not into gaming much (I'm not into it a whole lot), it may be just the right thing for you. One thing that has constantly bothered me, though, is that in-game every Sunday you can watch a cooking show on TV and get a new recipe which unlocks that recipe as a craftable item. No matter how much I try to remember to do this every Sunday, it just doesn't stick in my mind. I get sidetracked with all of the other things that you have to do to keep your farm running smoothly and remain profitable. The best solution to this problem was to use SMAPI to create a mod that reminds the player to watch TV when they wake up.

I'm not bothering right now to put the mod up on any sites like Nexus. The code itself is a few lines and some basic C# cruft, but I threw it onto GitHub in the unlikely event that anyone else is interested. Enjoy.