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Title and Death Screens

I've added a title screen that flows into a story context screen at the beginning of the game. I carried this through to the end when the player health is depleted and built in a death screen with total statistics that might be interesting to the player. A death noise which I created in Audacity has also been added. Here's a video of progress so far, with health slimmed down right off the bat for videographic purposes.


At this point there are a number of outlying issues that I should probably work through. Movement is jerky at times which is illustrated pretty well in this video; in past videos I took care not to let that defect show as much. I'd also better dive in and fix movement throughout the map and figure out what ultimately I want to do with that since it's a pain point right now. Either I try to keep the player centered until the edge of the map touches the edge of the screen and then move the player sprite off-center accordingly, or I opt to take a more original Gameboy Pokemon route and keep the player centered indefinitely and draw black/filler outside the moveable map area. The latter would be easier, but the former is already partially in place. It's a coin toss at this point.

Behind the scenes I fixed up a PHP script that transforms bitmap glyph cache FNT files that I generate with Heiro into native C++ headers. I don't have the need or the desire to parse the FNT files manually in C++, nor do I feel the need to find a third-party lib to do so. The fonts won't change once I get them sorted out and decided upon fully, and there's no reason to have plain text font mappings in the final distributable of the game. It was a fun aside writing that script, and it's rather slim as you can see in the Code Stats below. The final output looks something like this (chopped down for size):


#include "../types.h"

using namespace std;
using namespace Types;

namespace Fonts {
    static int owrekynge_font_size = 56;
    static int owrekynge_leading = 62;
    static unordered_map owrekynge_glyphs({
        {0, {0, 409, 0, 17, 39, 1, 4, 20}},
        {10, {10, 409, 0, 17, 39, 1, 4, 20}},
        {32, {32, 0, 0, 0, 0, -1, 41, 18}},
        {33, {33, 492, 0, 13, 38, -1, 5, 15}},
        {34, {34, 200, 158, 20, 13, -1, 9, 22}},


Code Stats

Language                     files          blank        comment           code
C++                             19            279             57           1551
C/C++ Header                    26            129             13            982
PHP                              1             14             16             67
Lua                              1              0              0             42
DOS Batch                        3              9              0             36
make                             1              0              0              5
SUM:                            51            431             86           2683